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COVID-19 Family Update 01-26-2021

Today we sent 203 samples to the lab for processing. We anticipate the results being back in the next 24-36 hours. We will continue testing the remainder of our staff tomorrow. As we heard on our call today with the CDC, we anticipate new guidance from DHHS to be...

COVID-19 Family Update 01-22-2021

All of the results from Tuesdays and Wednesday’s staff testing have returned NEGATIVE. We will resume another round of staff testing on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.   Stay safe and stay healthy!

COVID-19 Family Update 01-21-2021

Yesterday we sent another 93 swabs to lab for processing and anticipate having results later today or early tomorrow. The 232 swab results have returned from Tuesday’s testing and all are NEGATIVE!   Stay tuned for more weekly results!

COVID-19 Family Update 01-19-2021

Today we swabbed 232 members of our care team. The swabs have been sent off to the lab in Massachusetts’s and we anticipate having the results back sometime tomorrow. We will continue to swab the remainder of our care team tomorrow, to conclude this week’s testing....

COVID-19 Family Update 01-15-2021

All of the results from this week’s COVID-19 staff testing have returned NEGATIVE! We would like to thank our staff for the outstanding job that they are doing and all the sacrifices that they have made to keep our residents safe! Kudos to you!

COVID-19 Family Update 01-14-2021

All the results for Tuesday’s testing clinic have all returned negative. We are still awaiting the results of Wednesday’s testing clinic. Today, we also held our 2nd COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic for residents and staff. 355 vaccines were administered to residents and...

COVID-19 Family Update 01-13-2021

Today we completed swabbing of the remainder of our staff and sent another 118 swabs to the lab. The results from yesterday’s tests that were sent remain pending.   We look forward to vaccination day tomorrow!

COVID-19 Family Update 01-12-2021

There are no known cases of COVID-19 in residents or patients at d’Youville Pavilion. Today we began another round of employee testing. We sent 216 swab samples to the lab and anticipate results back tomorrow. We will conclude the employee testing on Wednesday. As a...

COVID-19 Family Update 01-07-2020

We are still awaiting some of the results from yesterday’s testing however those that have returned have been negative. This includes the majority of our patients and employees. We anticipate the last few remaining tests to return later tonight or tomorrow. We still...

COVID-19 Family Update 1-6-2020

Yesterday we sent 194 swab samples to the lab. We received the results of all 194 samples sent yesterday, this afternoon. As part of our surveillance testing we have identified 1 positive nonclinical employee who has since been excluded from work. The employee is...
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