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Margaret Dearborn CNA Award for Caring

Want to Thank a CNA? Share Your Story! The Certified Nursing Assistants are the heart and soul of healthcare.  They are at the bedside more than any other discipline and develop deep and meaningful relationships with patients and residents on a daily basis.  We do not...

Nominate a Nurse- DAISY Award

Want to Say Thank you to A Nurse?  Share Your Story! The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem) Award is an international recognition program that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day. The DAISY Foundation was...

COVID-19 Family Update 04-08-2021

The 122 swab results from yesterday have returned negative which is a blessing! Many of you have heard in the news of the outbreaks in Androscoggin county. We have seen an increase in 28 day positivity rate to 2.3% in the area around us. This doesn’t change how often...

COVID-19 Family Update 04/07/2021

Results from yesterday’s testing have returned and we are happy to report that all 223 were negative! We sent an additional 122 swabs today for processing and will report here when we have those results back sometime tomorrow. Stay tuned!

COVID-19 Family Update 04-06-2021

Today, we started another round of COVID-19 testing for our staff. We sent 223 tests to the lab for processing. We anticipate having the results of this testing back sometime tomorrow. We will continue to swab the remainder of our team tomorrow. The 28-day positivity...

COVID-19 Family Update 03-25-2021

Quick update of yesterday’s COVID-19 swabs. The 125 samples sent yesterday have all returned negative! Kudos to our team for their continued diligence in keeping our facility free of COVID-19!

COVID-19 Family Update 03-24-2021

Only good news to report this evening. The 221 swabs sent yesterday all returned negative! We sent an additional 125 swabs this afternoon and anticipate having those results tomorrow. We will post more here with those results when they return.   Stay safe and...

COVID-19 Family Update 03-19-2021

Over the past week we have been happy to see your faces when you visit your loved ones here in the facility. The best part about this change in guidance is seeing the smiling faces of our residents. We continue to schedule 30-minute appointments for visitation by...

COVID-19 Family Update 03-12-2021

Today makes a year that we had to make the toughest decision ever and close our doors to visitors because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The following day, we had our 1st case of COVID-19 in Maine. Throughout this journey we have been able to keep our residents and staff...

COVID-19 Family Update 03-11-2021

Today we received the results of yesterday’s testing and are pleased to report that all 121 samples were negative! We will test our staff again the week of March 22nd, as long as the positivity rate remains low in Androscoggin county.
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We are closely monitoring COVID-19.
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