Margaret Dearborn CNA Award for Caring

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The Certified Nursing Assistants are the heart and soul of healthcare.  They are at the bedside more than any other discipline and develop deep and meaningful relationships with patients and residents on a daily basis.  We do not want their hard work and service to go unnoticed.  Please help us to honor a special CNA that gives their heart and soul to caring for others with the Margaret Dearborn CNA award for caring at St. Mary’s D’youville Pavilion.

Margaret Dearborn was a resident of St. Mary’s D’Youville Pavilion for several years.  During that time she was a shining example of the value of having a positive attitude to residents and staff.  Her smile was infectious, and her respect for the role Certified Nursing Assistant’s played was demonstrated repeatedly by her giving words and actions.

Margaret was a native of Livermore, Maine, where she lived for most of her adult life.  She was a strong advocate for education and participated in many education-related activities including summer cooking classes for children.  She encouraged all to work hard to reach goals that often seemed unattainable.  Above all, she was  a mother of an unexcelled quality to her last breath.  Her children, Dorothy, and her son, Dan and his wife, Peggy, and  grandson, Joshua and wife, Ingrid, all are involved in education.  Her credo truly was, “education is the answer.”

It is for these reasons and many more that the Margaret Dearborn Caring Award is awarded to a very special CNA that embodies Margaret’s unique qualities and continues to serve as an example of encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to the important role CNA’s play in healthcare.

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