COVID-19 Family Update 08/11/2021

All swabs from the 2nd round of employee testing have returned negative. We have been in consultation with the CDC and will be performing another round of staff testing on Thursday/Friday. If all goes well, we anticipate having the suspected outbreak cleared on August 14th. As many have seen, the cases of COVID are increasing in the community, with Androscoggin county being designated as substantial community transmission by the US CDC. We will continue to be vigilant in our infection prevention measures to ensure the safety of residents and staff. During visitation, we ask that visitors follow the infection prevention measures as well. This includes but is not limited to hand hygiene before/after the visit, social distancing from other staff/ residents, remaining in the designated visitation space during the visit and wearing your mask throughout the visit. Please help us keep you, your loved ones and our care team healthy!

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