Covid-19 Family Updates 12-31-2020

Covid-19 positivity cases per 10,000 remains high in Androscoggin county.  We continue to follow State CDC guidance.  Currently, we are only allowing window visits with the residents.  On January 5th, we will continue with our bimonthly state mandated Covid-19 surveillance testing of all staff.

As we reflect on a challenging year of social distancing, CDC guidelines, restrictions, positivity rates, and outbreaks. We are also giving Thanks. We thank you, our families who have been patient and understanding of the restrictions put in place to keep our residents safe. Furthermore, we thank all our staff who have come to work every day to care for our residents. They have followed the guidelines, policy, and procedures we have implemented and have kept our residents healthy and safe.

Now we look forward to a new year, and we have hope. We have hope to see an end to Covid-19. We have hope that life will return to normal, where we can once again hug our loved ones. Not only that, but we have hope that we will be able to see our friends in person and socially gather together instead of apart.

We have hope……

Everyone here at d’Youville Pavilion are wishing you and yours a happy, safe, and healthy 2021.

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