COVID-19 Family Update 12-18-2020

We are pleased to report that the 220 swabs we sent on Tuesday have returned negative.  We also sent an additional 94 swabs yesterday to conclude our surveillance testing this week. There was speedy turn around time at the lab, and we received those results this morning. All 94 swabs from yesterday have returned negative as well.

We have been busy at work, preparing for our staff and resident COVID Vaccination Clinic next Tuesday. There is a lot of coordination taking place behind the scenes to ensure that the clinic goes smoothly for all. As one of the first LTC facilities receiving vaccines for their residents there are many unknowns with the procedural process that are being worked out. What we know about the clinic? The COVID Vaccine Clinic will take place for all staff and residents Tuesday, December 22nd between 7am and 5pm. We will have 7 pharmacists in-house to vaccinate residents and staff. Residents will be vaccinated in their rooms and be observed by the nurse on their unit after receiving the vaccine. Staff will be vaccinated in our RDR. We have arranged for socially distant waiting and observation of staff after they receive the vaccine.  Much like you would have after donating blood. Initially, we will be offering a total of 3 clinics for residents and staff. Those that participate in the clinic on Tuesday will receive their 2nd vaccination on Thursday January 21st. Everyone being vaccinated will receive a vaccination card, which they will need for their 2nd vaccination.

Our residents and their representatives have overwhelmingly welcomed the vaccine and are excited it is finally here. Our goal is to get all of our residents interested in being vaccinated completed at Tuesday’s clinic. Our employee vaccination plan will be staggered among the first two clinic offerings and all employees are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine regardless of their department at d’Youville Pavilion. We have strongly recommended the COVID-19 vaccination for all residents and employees and look forward to a successful vaccination day!

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