COVID-19 Family Update 12-10-2020

The rates of community transmission in Maine continue to surge. We have heard this from Dr.Shah and Governor Mills in their briefings about the ongoing transmission throughout Maine. Here in Androscoggin county the positivity rate is 4.3% and there are 73.42 cases of COVID-19 per 10,000 people. Each day we hear about the number of new daily cases. Over the last several weeks these numbers have continued to climb at an alarming rate. We are concerned by these numbers and asking for our community’s help. The team here at d’Youville continues to fight this battle with every tool we have but we are growing increasingly distressed by the amount of community spread around us. Ultimately, what is going on in the community with COVID-19 impacts our community of residents here at d’Youville. You have the power to slow the spread of COVID-19 and help prevent COVID-19 from entering our building.

We are pleased to report that the results of the 89 staff swabs that we sent yesterday have been returned and they are all negative. We will be swabbing our staff again tomorrow to conclude this week’s surveillance testing. With the high rates of community transmission in Androscoggin county we will be swabbing our staff again next week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Wear your mask, wash your hands and stay 6 feet apart from those individuals that you do not reside.

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