COVID-19 Family Update 11/23/2022

We have continued to complete testing for COVID-19 on our COVID-19 impacted units. At this time, Transitional Rehab (2 East and 2 West) and 4 East have been cleared of COVID-19 with their most recent testing returning negative. We continue to test residents that reside on 4 West. Our most recent testing on 4 West revealed 1 additional resident who is positive. We have several residents on 4 West who are in quarantine and recovering from COVID-19. Another round of testing will be completed on 4 West on Friday, November 25th. We remain in contact with our CDC liaison, following all recommended guidance for infection prevention. While we encourage you to postpone visitation to COVID impacted areas should you choose to visit we ask that you adhere to the same infection prevention principles as the care team. In order to visit any area of the facility, you must wear a well-fitting facemask that covers your mouth and nose. We have some available at our entrances, should you need one. Thank you to all our families, residents, visitors and vendors who are kind and patient with the care team regarding the adherence of these regulations.


Stay safe and stay healthy!

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