COVID-19 Family Update 10-6-2022

At this time, we have a significant COVID-19 outbreak on our skilled Rehab floor (2 East and 2 West). In our most recent testing, we had several additional patients test positive who are not experiencing symptoms. Some of our initial patients that tested positive have graduated from quarantine and are doing well. We have reduced traffic to this area and continue to encourage visitors to postpone visitation. In consultation with our CDC liaison, we have also implemented many measures to reduce transmission including having dedicated staff, enhanced and frequent sanitation of high touch areas and equipment, use of disposable items, along with recommended PPE use, hand hygiene and social distancing measures. While symptoms of the newest variant have been milder from what we have seen, it is far more contagious making our job of containing it far more challenging! We have conducted another round of testing today and report on those results as soon as we know more.

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