COVID-19 Family Update 10-20-2022

The reality of COVID-19 is the unexpected. Just as we are clearing our COVID-19 outbreak status we discovered an additional case of COVID-19 on our 2 East unit. This case was discovered in our routine testing for newly admitted patients, with the patient being asymptomatic at this time. We have completed additional testing on patients on 2 East, and will know more regarding the results tomorrow. We continue to encourage visitors to postpone their visitation during this time to ensure they do not contract this sneaky virus. As you know, the case rates and transmission of COVID-19 in Androscoggin County remain high. We have heard that many of the facilities around us are dealing with similar circumstances when in it comes to COVID. Our team has been phenomenal, in implementing the needed additional infection prevention measures that come with caring for COVID-19 patients. We appreciate everyone’s love and support of our patients/residents and our care team during this time.


Stay safe and stay healthy!

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