COVID-19 Family Update 09-30-2022

We completed a round of PCR testing on our 2 East and 2 West patients and staff yesterday. Testing results have returned revealing one additional positive patient and no additional positive staff. At this time we have 9 positive patients and several staff that have tested positive for COVID-19. Some of these individuals will be completing their quarantine period over the next few days. Luckily, many have only experienced minor symptoms. We will be completing another round of staff and patient testing on Tuesday, 10/04/2022. Our staff has done a remarkable job is working to contain this sneaky virus and manage the increased demand of caring for COVID-19 patients. We will continue to monitor patients and staff for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, testing accordingly. We continue to advise visitors to postpone visitation to 2 East and 2 West at this time. If you would like call or video chat in place of an in-person visit, please reach out to the facility to coordinate a date and time. This will assist us in our infection prevention measures and contain any potential transmission to others and/or you. Should you choose to visit, we kindly request that you maintain a social distance and maintain strict masking during your visit. We will continue to provide updates here on FB regarding the status of the outbreak.

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