COVID-19 Family Update 09/23/2022

We currently have 3 positive patients on 2 East and 1 positive patient on 2 West, our Skilled Rehabilitation Unit. Our round of PCR testing on 2 East, returned negative this morning however, we were notified of a staff member that tested positive this morning after developing symptoms at home. This employee had contact with select patients/residents on 2 West and 3 West. The impacted patients/residents received rapid testing, revealing our positive patient case on 2 West. We will complete additional PCR testing on Tuesday, 09/26/2022 for any exposed patients/residents in these areas. All patients and their representatives have been notified. We encourage all visitors to postpone their visits to 2 East and 2 West while we manage the cases of COVID-19 and assist in reducing any potential transmission. We request that anyone that chooses to visit during this time, ensures that they wear their mask while visiting in their loved one’s room, completes thorough hand hygiene and maintains social distancing.

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