COVID-19 Family Update 09-21-2022

Yesterday, we had 2 patients on our 2 East, Rehab unit test positive for COVID-19. After discovering this, we completed a round of PCR testing which revealed an additional patient with COVID-19. These patients currently have mild symptoms of COVID-19 and are quarantining in their rooms. We have been in contact with the CDC, following their recommendations. All residents and their representatives as appropriate have been notified. We continue to encourage any visitors that choose to continue to visit during this time, to follow strict infection prevention, including ensuring they are wearing their mask appropriately, socially distancing and practicing thorough hand hygiene. We will conduct another round of COVID-19 testing on patients residing on 2 East, on Thursday, September 22nd. We will continue to monitor patients/residents and staff for any signs and symptoms of COVID-19. As we know more, we will continue to provide updates here.

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