COVID-19 Family Update 08/26/2021

Today we were able to complete 375 swabs for staff and residents. In total, we were able to swab 157 residents and 218 members of our care team. We anticipate having the results back for this testing sometime tomorrow. We will finish testing all of our staff tomorrow from 730am to noon. We would like to thank all of our staff for flexing at any time, often changing their plans and coming in to be swabbed. It is much appreciated! A big thank you goes out to Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice who also has been a tremendous help in assisting our team each time we have a testing event.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we continue to navigate COVID-19. We know that it has been a long 1 ½ years of managing so many new unknowns. Thank you to our residents, families and our care team for all of their unwavering support!

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