COVID-19 Family Update 05-13-2021

We have good news and bad news to share. The good news is that the 120 staff swabs that we sent yesterday returned negative. The bad news is that our outbreak has been extended. We were notified yesterday of a nonclinical, unvaccinated employee that developed symptoms overnight. This employee followed the correct procedure, did not report to work and was immediately referred to employee health for testing. The test results returned positive last evening. The employee will be following the CDC guidelines of quarantining before returning to work. This employee has not had patient contact but was in our building earlier this week. Given the circumstances of the situation, we will be testing all close contacts of this individual tomorrow. We will also need to ensure that there has been no further transmission to other staff or residents and will be testing our entire care team again Tuesday/Wednesday next week and again the following week. All residents and their responsible parties when applicable were notified of the positive case earlier today. After consultation with the CDC it was decided that we are able to cautiously continue outdoor family visitation.

We will continue to post outbreak status updates here when we have more information to share or as recommendations from the CDC change.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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