COVID-19 Family Update 05-06-2021

Please see our latest COVID-19 Family Update

On Tuesday, we sent 238 staff swabs for processing. We were notified that of the 238 swabs we had one positive nonclinical staff member. Additionally, on Wednesday we completed this round of staff testing and sent 120 staff samples to the lab. Those tests returned negative. The positive employee did not have contact with patients and residents, and we feel based on contact tracing that it is unrelated to our previously detected cases. Residents and their responsible parties (when applicable) were made aware of this news. The employee will remain out of work until they complete their quarantine. As we are still considered to be in an outbreak, we continue to consult the CDC and following their ongoing guidance. Due to this we will be testing our entire care team again on Tuesday/Wednesday, May 11th and 12th to ensure there has been no further transmission. Luckily, we are able to begin taking appointments for outdoor visitation. Please call Shelly Katula-Blais at 777-4461 to arrange an outdoor visit with your loved one during this time. We are hopeful that will be able to have indoor visitation in the upcoming weeks should our outbreak status be cleared!

Please stay safe and stay healthy!

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