COVID-19 Family Update 04-22-2021

As we reported yesterday, we have 3 fully vaccinated staff members that tested positive for COVID-19 due to outside exposures. After consultation with the CDC, we tested all residents yesterday. We are pleased to report that those test results returned today, and they are all negative. The remainder of our routine staff testing, 141 swabs that were sent out yesterday also returned negative today.

As there were 3 positive staff members, we are considered an outbreak facility. Out of abundance of caution and in consultation with the CDC we tested all staff again today and tomorrow and again on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. We will also be testing all residents again on Monday of next week.

During this period of time we will continue with strict infection prevention, isolation of any known contacts and enhanced sanitation throughout the facility.

We will continue to provide you updates here on the status of testing.

Please continue to socially distance, wash your hands and wear your mask! It is up to all of us to keep our community safe!

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