COVID-19 Family Update 04-21-2021

Today, we were informed of 3 cases of COVID-19 among members of our care team due to outside exposures. These 3 individuals are all fully vaccinated and asymptomatic. The 3 positive individuals have been excluded from work moving forward and will follow CDC guidelines regarding quarantine before returning to work.

All residents and their responsible parties (when applicable) have been notified. Our team has been in contact with the CDC throughout the day today and they have recommended that we test all residents and staff in the facility. All residents were tested today. Our initial round of routine COVID-19 staff testing concluded today by sending an additional 141 swabs to the lab for processing. We will also be testing our entire care team again on Thursday and Friday this week.

What does this mean? Currently all visitation is being put on hold until we have a better understanding of the outbreak situation. Additionally, outside appointments are being postponed unless deemed medically urgent. Activities will continue at the unit level and 1:1 as much as possible to prevent mingling from various units.

We will continue to post additional updates regarding the COVID-19 outbreak status here.

Remember, to wash your hands, stay socially distant and wear your mask!

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