COVID-19 Family Update 04-20-2021

Today we started another round of staff testing and sent 205 swabs to the lab for processing. We anticipate having the results back of those tests sometime tomorrow. We will also continue to test the remainder of our team tomorrow. At this point in time, we test our entire care team every two weeks though we are keeping an eye on the county positivity rate as this directly correlates to how often we need to test. This number is also a direct correlation to the risk of COVID -19 transmission to our residents and staff. The Maine CDC posts this number on their website each Thursday. Last week, the county positivity rate was 3.8% for the previous 14 days.


We continue encourage our residents, families and care team to be vaccinated and work with our community partners to achieve this. We are all responsible to protect each other!


Stay safe and stay healthy!

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