COVID-19 Family Update 04-06-2021

Today, we started another round of COVID-19 testing for our staff. We sent 223 tests to the lab for processing. We anticipate having the results of this testing back sometime tomorrow. We will continue to swab the remainder of our team tomorrow. The 28-day positivity rate in Androscoggin county is 1.6% with 42.67 cases per 10,000 people. We have been thankful to see the guidelines changing to allow family visitation however we continue to monitor these numbers to remain aware of what is happening around of us. We will remain vigilant in protecting our residents and staff safety. With relaxing community guidelines, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have changed how we stay safe from COVID-19. We continue to mask, wear a face shield, wash our hands frequently and remain socially distant when possible.


We will update more tomorrow on our testing results!



Stay safe and stay healthy!

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