COVID-19 Family Update 02-09-2023

The good news is the our 4 East unit has been cleared of COVID. The not so good news is that on 4 West, we have discovered an additional patient with COVID-19 through our routine testing. Additionally, we have a new case of COVID-19 on our 2 West unit, after a patient developed symptoms. The last round of testing for all other patients in this area are negative. The 3 West unit continues to have several cases of COVID-19 in residents with mild symptoms that are resolving. Their most recent round of testing on 3 West was negative. We continue to follow routine testing guidance in the impacted areas of the facility. COVID-19 continues to circulate in the community making it exceptionally challenging to keep it out of the facility. We continue to encourage visitors to wear their mask while visiting, socially distance and wash their hands. Additionally, if our patients/residents leave the facility, we encourage them to protect themselves by following the same guidance. We will continue to provide updates here as we know more

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