COVID-19 Family Update 01-19-2021

Today we swabbed 232 members of our care team. The swabs have been sent off to the lab in Massachusetts’s and we anticipate having the results back sometime tomorrow. We will continue to swab the remainder of our care team tomorrow, to conclude this week’s testing.

Last week many staff and residents received their 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine. We are happy to report that our residents were observed, and no side effects were noted. We took several preventative measures including administration of medication in anticipation of some of the more well-known side effects from the 2nd COVID-19 Vaccine. We are hopeful once members of the community become vaccinated, we can resume some sense of normalcy for the residents and are awaiting guidance from DHHS on what to expect. From what we have heard on our calls with the Maine CDC this is being discussed at a much higher level, as there is still much to know about transmission of COVID-19 from a vaccinated individual. Once we know more and our guidance changes, we will post more here.

While the case rate continues to be high in Androscoggin county (128.47 cases per 10,000 people) we are now past the incubation period seen from the anticipated spike in cases from holiday gatherings. The last several days have shown lower daily case counts and we are hopeful that cases are trending in the right direction!

Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!

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