COVID-19 Family Update 01-18-2022

Our testing results have returned, and we have identified 3 asymptomatic positive residents on 3 East. Our testing also revealed 1 positive, asymptomatic staff member on 4 East. This afternoon we also identified 2 additional residents on 4 East that were tested due to symptom development. Because of the new positive residents on 4 East, we completed rapid testing on the remaining 4 East residents this afternoon. Those tests all returned negative. At this time, we have 5 positive residents who reside on 4 East and 3 East. All staff in these areas, as well as 1 East, our dedicated COVID-19 unit are wearing full PPE with any resident contact. As with our previous outbreak, we have designated routes for entering and exiting the building for the impacted areas. All staff working in these areas will also receive a rapid test before the start of their shift each day in efforts to prevent any further transmission. We remain in consultation with the CDC and will be testing residents and staff with PCR testing on 4East, 3 East and 3 West again on Thursday, 1/20/22. We will continue to post updates regarding our testing and outbreak status here as we know more.

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