COVID-19 Family Update 01-15-2022

We have received the results of our last round of testing. This round of testing included testing residents and staff on 3 East, 3 West, 4 West and our Rehab unit due to potential exposures. The residents on these units have all tested negative. We detected 2 additional asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 in clinical team members on our 3 East and 3 West units. We were also notified of another positive nonclinical team member that worked on our 3 West unit. In consultation with the CDC, we have planned an additional round of testing for residents and staff in these areas. This will take place on Monday, 1/17/2022. Our testing clinics remain open to all staff members during this time. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in our surrounding community and we are making every effort to keep residents and patients safe during these challenging times. We are asking our visitors to help us in our efforts to keep our residents and your loved ones safe. Please postpone your visit if you have been feeling unwell, have been in contact with someone that is not feeling well or have been diagnosed with COVID-19. We also highly encourage visitors to wear their mask properly for the entire visit and assist us in encouraging the patient/resident they are visiting to wear a mask as well. We are all in this together! We will continue to provide updates on testing and results here, as we know more.

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