COVID-19 Family Update 01/09/2023

Like other facilities we continue to experience sporadic cases of illness in residents and members of our care team. As a reminder, if employees are experiencing any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 they are referred to our employee health department and excluded from working with patients/residents until it is deemed that they are able to return. We continue to test residents on 3 East at intervals determined in conjunction with our CDC liaison. We currently have 13 residents on 3 East who are positive with COVID-19 who are experiencing minor symptoms. An additional round of testing will be done on 3 East tomorrow. Our outbreak on our Transitional Rehab Unit (2 East and 2 West) has resolved.  We continue to encourage all to wear their mask, wash their hands and remain socially distant while in the facility. As you can imagine, the extensive testing and care required when COVID has made its way into our facility is immense, but we have an extraordinary team that takes on the challenge each time! Thank you to all of our departments that pivot on a dime to make sure everything is executed and fulfilled every day!

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